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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Verge of Spring!

Spring is only a matter of weeks away - and my garden knows it!

Around the garden with my camera this afternoon, I could see the anticipation of Spring in almost all my plants.

Apple blossom

Blueberry flower

There were new buds and flowers, new fruit and leaves.

I also noticed the increased insect activity - the first sign of cabbage moth catepillars (which I dread),

 and aphids multiplying faster than before. As much as I don't like them, I'm always fascinated with how the ants 'farm' them. They will actually carry them from plant to plant creating new colonies of aphids to ensure the sap-sucking aphids' survival and proliferation. The ants will look after them, defending them against any predators, just like little shepherds! Why do the ants go to all this trouble? Because the ants will pat them and cause them to emit a sugary juice which the ants harvest! Isn't that fascinating??...or maybe it's just this picture there are aphids on a newly formed broad bean

Thankfully, I can also see the signs of good insects - a preying mantis and a few different kinds of ladybirds - a welcome sign of a healthy garden without chemicals. Sarah and I actually observed a ladybug eating an aphid the other day.

                                         Cabbages, brussel sprouts, coriander and broad beans

                                                           Garlic, spinach, radiccio

Nasturtium or "drinking flower" as Joel calls it because he loves to pick them and suck the nectar out of them!


  1. Oh Trish it all looks wonderful. So lush and green! I bet the plants are loving all the rain this week. When we were homeschooling I remember how fascinated Saraya and I both were when learning about ants 'farming' aphids! It really is amazing.

  2. I love watching aphids! Love your garden, so incredibly jealous that we're missing out on spring gardening.